PC Virus Removal and Prevention

Virus Removal – Summary

The number one computer issue we fix is virus infection. It can cause unwanted pop-ups during internet browsing, slow response, corrupted files, etc. Viruses can even render your PC unresponsive and useless. Most viruses can be removed by running a group of anti-virus and anti-malware programs.  The best protection against virus attack is to keep backup copies of your files and your PC windows image.

The steps for removing most viruses are shown below, along with discussion of how you can get a PC virus. This information is offered to you for free. If you need help with any of your virus or backup problems, get in touch with us! We’re familiar with most virus attacks and can help you with restoring your computer to its peak performance level.

How to prevent viruses


Be careful what you click on.  Many e-mails that have malicious viruses in them and are designed to fool you into thinking they are legitimate.  For example, I recently mailed a package from the post office.  A few days later, I received an e-mail informing me that “your USPS package was undeliverable to the address”.  How did the hacker know that I had recently mailed a package?  Was it a coincidence? No one has the answer for that.  Look how convincing an email can be (see image below). However, the wording in the document is questionable and there is a .docx attachment.  This is the dangerous part that probably contains a virus.  If you click on this, your PC will probably be infected with a virus.

Example Virus Email

Example e-mail with an attachment containing a virus


Viruses, adware and malware can also get into your computer through browsing the internet. Anti-virus software can prevent most items from getting through but if you click on something you shouldn’t, a virus can sneak in. The best defense is to make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and to avoid clicking on links or windows that are questionable.

A browser hijacker, a type of malware designed to change your browser’s settings, can change your web browser’s home page and default search provider to a different one without your permission. Garbage toolbars are usually bundled with certain free programs that you normally download and install.

You may also experience some or all of the following issues:

  • Your search is getting redirected to different websites
  • Webpages load slowly
  • You see multiple toolbars on your web browser which you did not install
  • You get multiple pop-up alerts for advertisements

How to remove viruses

Download ADWCleaner Download Junkware Removal Tool Download Malwarebytes

This series of programs has been proven to be the best protection against most viruses. However, some viruses are more aggressive and do more damage than others.  Be sure to make sure your data is backed up!  Backups are the ultimate protection against viruses and malware. System restore points are also life savers sometimes.


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